On this site you will find many free background sets to use. My name is IceDream and I am a proud Canadian.  If any of the pictures I have framed belong to artists that I am not aware of, please let me know and I will make sure you get the proper credit and recognition, or I will remove them, if requested.

This site is dedicated to my father, the best truck driver I ever knew.  Growing up, he was my inspiration the one that helped me be proud of who I was.  He loved me unconditionally and to him I owe the reason for being the woman I am today.  Thank you for always being there and for your love and support. I love you Dad. My father died April 1998 from ALS (LouGehrig), More information on his dedication page.


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The Breast-Cancer site. Click on it daily and donate a free mammogram daily.

Please Visit Tuesday's Child.  A site dedicated to doing backgrounds and graphic sets for children with terminal illnesses.  Owned and Operated By Chris, IceDream and Island Princess

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PLEASE PLEASE HELP US. We Need  Sponsors for Tuesday's Child. In order for us to keep helping the children, we really need your help. Tuesday's Child runs on donations and we have run very low and hopefully won't have to close TC.  This isn't for us but for the many terminally ill children out there that need a smile. You can make that happen. Visit Tuesday's Child and see how you can help.



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Some of my graphics are from Warner Bros. Tweety etc: Please visit the site of their great toons.Just click on the button.

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"A Hundred years from now....
It will not matter what my bank account was,
the sort of house I lived in, or the kind of car I drove.
But, the world may be different because I was important in the life of a child"
*Author Unknown*

Visit Tuesday's Child's Quilt Of Hope

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